Foster Care

Cognitive Dissonance

Get to Know the Play and One-Woman Playwright, Producer and Actress Questions & Answers

Q. What is SugarFree: Foster Care Cognitive Dissonance?

A. SugarFree is a thought-provoking, emotional and hopeful one-hour, one-woman play. It explores the effects of growing up in foster care that leave young adults poorly prepared to enter adulthood and the responsibilities that go with it. The play was written, produced and is acted by Shari Walker, who spent much of her teen years in foster care. In the author’s words:

“SugarFree Foster Care combines the difficult journey of foster youth through my perspective as both a social worker and foster child. I interspersed poetry, personal narrative, humor, and real-life experiences for a theater experience that tugs at the heartstrings of our greatest human needs in the midst of the social welfare system’s inadequacies.”

Q. Why is the subject of the play so important?

A. The challenges that youth leaving the foster care system are staggering:

1 in 5 will become homeless after age 18

Only half will be employed at age 24

1 in 4 will suffer PTSD

71% of women will become pregnant by age 21

Less than 3% will earn a college degree

Q. When and where will the play be performed and how do I get tickets?

A. The play will be staged at Studio/Stage Hollywood, 520 N Western Ave., Los Angeles. A Preview Night is scheduled for 5-6 p.m., Sunday, June 9; with remaining performances held:
3:00-4:00 P.M., Saturday, June 15

7:00-8:00 P.M., Thursday, June 20

9:00-10:00 P.M., Saturday, June 22

8:30 – 9:30 P.M., Friday, June 28

Tickets are $10 and go on sale May 1.

For more information, please contact: Shari Walker, 323.548.1040 |