Thank you for coming to show! Below are opportunities to volunteer with transitional age foster youth!

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The Right Way Foundation

The RightWay Foundation works with current or emancipated foster youth to move from a point of pain and disappointment to a point of power, productivity, and self-sufficiency. Without confronting their past trauma in a healthy way, it is difficult for our youth to hold a job, support their families, or have a rewarding future. Therapy and counseling are a major part of the employment model at The RightWay Foundation. They are laced within the initial ‘Operation Emancipation’ job training services and are continued in one-on-one and group settings for program participants.

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Stepping Forward LA

We have a signature co-mentoring program providing a community of mentors and peers to support the young adults as they age out of the foster care system. Our co-mentor community meets each month on the 1st Saturday of every month. Smaller groups of mentors and one on one mentoring takes place between 1st Saturday events. We support the young adults with connection to resources – including housing, employment, education as well as connecting them to a variety of people who will support and encourage them to set and achieve their goals! Feel free to contact us at

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Foster nation

Foster Care Counts in partnership with Foster Nation is excited to announce ‘TAY Shop at The Emporium’, a new community resource in mid-city Los Angeles that offers a range of new and donated goods, from clothing to laptops to basic essentials –all free of charge– to transition age foster youth and families. TAY Shop is a collaboration with The Book Foundation, Hope in a Suitcase, and Foster Care Counts. We’re currently looking for volunteers who are able to donate 2-3 hours each week, or each month to be part of our core volunteer team. Volunteer drop-in hours are every Wednesday and Thursday from 10am-3pm. To learn more about volunteering, please call 323.746.5800 or email


Alliance For Children’s Rights

The Alliance for Children’s Rights provides a vital bridge for young adults as they strive for self-sufficiency.

What do we do?

Young people exiting the foster care or delinquency systems in Los Angeles often face severe challenges in education, employment, and overall well-being. The Alliance works to remove barriers to self-sufficiency, promote self-advocacy, and build a foundation for the future for youth who lack other support systems.

Volunteer with the Alliance

Become a mentor, help lead legal workshops, or advocate on behalf of a youth. For more information, email us at

Help young people overcoming abuse, abandonment and neglect attain all that they need to thrive. The Alliance for Children’s Rights depends on people like you to help us reach children in need across California. Join our incredible network of pro bono attorneys, community volunteers and advocates.